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"River Weather Playlist," Largehearted Boy

read it here

"The Cheap Laugh: Writing the Real and the True in Fiction," Necessary Fiction

read it here

"Leave the Fat: Finding Yourself In Your Work," Litreactor

read it here

"If My Book: River Weather," Monkey Bicycle

read it here

“A Song of Great Order: The Corrido and the Real in McCarthy’s The Crossing.”

Cormac McCarthy Journal. Vol 13. University Park: Penn State U Press, 2015.

“Happy Hour With Alec and Amy: Amy Schumer on Here’s the Thing.” Popmatters.

Popmatters Media, 18 Feb. 2016. Web.


"Zizek and Black America: Zizek Visits the Tavis Smiley Show." Popmatters.

Popmatters Media, 5 Nov. 2015. Web.


“The Performance of Non-Philosophy.” Vol. 22 Numbers 1-2. symploké. Omaha: U of Nebraska Press. 2014.

“Are We Ready for What We Desire? Zizek at Wall Street.” Drift, Issue 4, Fall 2011. Oakland: DRIFT/CAST, 2011.

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